Holy Mass schedule September 2016

Exaltation of the Holy CrossFinally.... enclosed you will find the Holy Mass schedule of September (schedule and calendar) and the most recent General ICC information.

Most important for now:

  • Welcome, all new ICC members !!
  • Our choirs (see General information) always can use new singers.
  • We always can use new volunteers, for reading, serving coffee etc. (see General information)
  • On September 8 the Nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated.
  • Next Sunday (September 11) there will be NO MASS at 12:30; but there will be a special celebration at 10:00 am (see below)
  • On September 14 the Exaltation of the Holy Cross will be celebrated.

September 11, will be the ónly Sunday of the year without a Holy Mass at 12:30. Instead, there will be a very special Holy Mass at 10:00 for the whole Wageningen (and thus also International) catholic community. The Mass will be a mixed Dutch/English Mass.

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