Romayne WheelerFor the fifth time already, the famous pianist Romayne Wheeler will perform in our parish. Was it quiet for a while during the Corona years, this year we are very happy to meet him again on Saturday evening May 20 in the Maria Virgo Regina church of Bennekom.

The blessed Palmbranches can be collected in Wageningen on Sunday April 5, from 10:00 AM - 20:00 PM.
In the Good Week, there will be opportunity for confession in Wageningen on:
Monday Apr 6 (19:30-20:30), Tuesday Apr 7 (19:30-20:30) and Saturday Apr 11 (16:00-16:30).

Join the first Virtual World Youth Day on Sunday April 4. Virtual activities and a web lecture of our Achbishop. This will be FUN! Click here or here or here.

In response to the tightened government measures against the spread of the


Holy WeekThe program of the celebrations and activities in the Good Week. There are many ways to prepare for Easter in this week.

People in church We have to keep track of everybody who joins Mass. There will be an international Mass on Sunday 13:00.

News Father Henri is recovering, and thanks everybody for their prayers, postcards, messages and attentions. And since the coronavirus situation remais serious, the lockdown is extended until March 2.